What is Healy?

What is Healy?

Our daily lives can be quite busy and overwhelming. We often find very little time to reflect on our own health and find time to relax, stretch and exercise, and even to make a visit to practitioner! What if there exists an easy to use, multi-functional application device that helps you with pain, makes you feel at ease, and can be used anytime?

Good news, there exists HEALY! 

Healy is a small wearable device that offers hundreds of microcurrent frequencies to support you in stressful situations during the day, help you recover more easily and find peace in the evening.

Using Healy device could help:
– maintain your mind calm and stable when facing stressful situation
– stimulate cellular energy level and potentially shorten your recovery process
– find inner strength and spiritual peace
– ease specific pain without medication
– improve your focus and performance at school or work
– Improve your mood and sense of well-being

Healy offers variety of physical, spiritual, mental, and nutritional applications which can be applied to help you at the moment you need. Having a wearable small device allows you access those application anytime anywhere. Healy device helps you increase vitality and activate energy reservoirs with a small effort of “running a program”.

Analyzer app is a great way to determine what condition you are at, at the moment of analysis. The state of your present condition helps you decide which programs are most adequate in the current state. Running an analyzer app is a useful tool to fine tune your choice of programs and help you reach optimal health, and live to the fullest!

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Allowing the body to self-heal without medicine


The aim of a Osteopathic Manual Practitioner is to optimize the self-healing mechanisms of the body.

The frequency of treatments is based on the initial assessment and treatment. The decision on how often you will need treatment is based on allowing enough time between visits to allow your body to integrate the changes that occur from one treatment to the next.

While very often being used to treat back pain, osteopathic treatment is effective in a wide variety of health complaints. Osteopathy has been successful in treating the following:

  • Acute or Chronic Pain
  • Digestive Problems
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Respiratory Difficulties
  • Postural Problems

It can also successfully treat migraines, dysmenorrheal, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, vertigo, pain and diseases.

Osteopathy is an established recognized system of healthcare which relies on manual contact for assessment and treatment. It integrates the whole body, including the mind with emphasis on allowing the body’s intrinsic tendency for self-healing without pharmacological use.

Osteopathy views a person as a single unit comprised of body, mind, and spirit. In the osteopathic perspective, one needs to treat the whole person. Instead of viewing the body as a machine, osteopathy looks at pain as the result of complex interactions between physical factors as well as psychological and social factors, also referred to as the “biopsychosocial” approach. The perception of pain is not merely a response to physical injury, but is also related to the patient’s own emotional framework as well as their physical and social environments.

An Osteopathic Manual Practitioner works to build a trusting relationship with their patient to help understand if there are other non-physical factors that could be contributing to their chronic pain condition. This allows the practitioner to develop a more comprehensive pain management and reduction plan to help their patient find relief. 

What is Healy Device?