Osteopathy treatment

Osteopathy is an established recognized system of healthcare which relies on manual contact for assessment and treatment. It integrates the whole body, including the mind with emphasis on allowing the body’s intrinsic tendency for self-healing without pharmacological use.

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How Osteopathy works to treat pain

The aim of a Osteopathic Manual Practitioner is to optimize the self-healing mechanisms of the body.

The frequency of treatments is based on the initial assessment and treatment. The decision on how often you will need treatment is based on allowing enough time between visits to allow your body to integrate the changes that occur from one treatment to the next.

Allowing the body’s to self-heal without medicine

Osteopathic manual practitioners palpate the body to seek out areas that are restricted (not moving normally) or constricted (strangled or squeezed). These areas may be in the musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive or nervous system. By releasing these areas, pain is minimized and balance is restored enabling the body to self-heal.

To read more about how Osteopathy works, please visit the website of The Institute of Classical Osteopathy.

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“Ki-Hun Lee’s treatments have made all the difference for me to be able to return to full functioning. Ten years ago, I had a very serious fall – no broken bones but many issues with my body. My GP was unable to help me and I tried a number of different treatments to correct the damage done. Two years ago a friend recommended Ki-Hun Lee. His knowledge of the body, his intuitive sense of what was needed and the simple exercises that he gave me have allowed me to return to full function and to be able to sleep without pain in my back and hips. I am so very grateful for his treatments, his understanding and his calm presence. I would highly recommend him.”

Jan & Jim Mackie/Kuellmer

“I started visiting Ki-Hun Lee’s office early this year. I had had a rather chronic issue for about a year, where my hands would swell and seem very red. This had been diagnosed by a cardio-vascular specialist as “thoracic outlet syndrome”, and that surgeon was just dying to throw me under the knife, with what he called “de-compression surgery” in my armpit area. Anyway, Ki-Hun Lee was quick to assess my situation and recommend a better-posture/stretch-based, non-invasive approach. Within 3 months I had the issue 70-80% under control. Ki-Hun Lee has a very calm demeanor and is a good listener (i.e. keeps very good track of details session after session). Highly recommended.”

Daniel D.

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