Relieving Chronic Pain With Osteopathy - Integrated Bodywork

Chronic pain is complicated. Sometimes there is no understandable cause of chronic pain, yet the pain and suffering are real. Osteopathic Manual Practitioners have a more holistic approach to pain relief that can provide relief when more traditional approaches do not.

Pain treatment in traditional western medicine is very mechanistic. It views the body as a machine. When there is pain, it is because there is an injury, so the injury and the nerves affected by the injury are the focus of treatment. When injuries heal but pain remains, the typical western medical approach is to provide anti-inflammatories and/or painkillers to provide relief. This approach does not necessarily impact the underlying issues and can lead to patients being reliant on pain management drugs for an extended period of time. This can take a physical and financial toll on patients.

Osteopathy views a person as a single unit comprised of body, mind, and spirit. In the osteopathic perspective, one needs to treat the whole person. Instead of viewing the body as a machine, osteopathy looks at pain as the result of complex interactions between physical factors as well as psychological and social factors, also referred to as the “biopsychosocial” approach.

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“I started visiting Ki-Hun Lee’s office early this year. I had had a rather chronic issue for about a year, where my hands would swell and seem very red. This had been diagnosed by a cardio-vascular specialist as “thoracic outlet syndrome”, and that surgeon was just dying to throw me under the knife, with what he called “de-compression surgery” in my armpit area. Anyway, Ki-Hun Lee was quick to assess my situation and recommend a better-posture/stretch-based, non-invasive approach. Within 3 months I had the issue 70-80% under control. Ki-Hun Lee has a very calm demeanor and is a good listener (i.e. keeps very good track of details session after session). Highly recommended.”

Daniel D.