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Ki-Hun Lee has a gift and is excellent in his profession. I have often heard people call his hands “Magic Hands”. Ki-Hun melts away my pain and stiffness from chronic migraines related to stress, MVA, and environmental issues. I’ve known Ki-Hun Lee for a few years now; he is the perfect example of an organized, responsible, accommodating and dependable individual.

I believe that his skills and experience will take his business to unimaginable heights. Ki-Hun Lee is a spectacular therapist who is very technical and detail oriented. He is extremely sensitive to his client’s needs. He works with the client to help them understand what is going on with their body and what kind of treatment he can perform to help them.”

As a diverse therapist Ki-Hun always goes beyond the initial service by taking the time to understand what I was dealing with, both at work and in my personal life that could lead to physical issues that were causing the pain that he would address. He is much more than your typical therapist.


Very good experience. Helped with spinal stenosis. Can’t say enough great things.

Colin Booky