The way to think about pain and its cause

For example, you have lower back pain.

You may say “I can’t pick up the pen I dropped because my back hurts.”

But let’s think about it. Is that true? Have you ever thought “My back hurts because I can’t bend my back.”

Most people are misunderstanding the way to approach the problem of pain. A blockage may be limiting your range of movement and in turn, increasing your pain.

My approach to acupuncture focuses on maintaining and increasing range of movement at the root cause to release the related pain and discomfort.

In most cases, the true root cause is not in the same spot as where you are feeling the pain. It is understandable that this is confusing to many people, and many may disagree with taking this approach to finding a solution.

The body is very complicated. Even though a movement may look and seem very simple, there are an incredible number of points linked to make it happen. This is why the actual spot that is limiting your movement and causing the pain may not at all be obvious, and may even seem very unlikely once identified. This is also the reason why getting a massage treatment directly on the pain area sometimes doesn’t get rid of your pain and stiffness (or it returns soon): because that approach is trying to treat the symptom and not the cause.