Simple Self-Diagnosis: Lower Back Pain Root Causes

What is really causing the pain you have when bending forward at the waist?

If you have experienced lower back pain, did you take some pain killers and it went away permanently? If so, lucky you! If that didn’t solve the problem, you may want to read this article…!

First, find out what kind of movement makes the pain worse or what movement is the most difficult to make. There are many cases of lower back pain but today’s article is about cases of pain when bending your body forward.

To identify the root cause, carefully perform the following:

* Stand up straight with your feet together

* Put your hands on your waist

* Keep your knees straight

* Slowly start bending forward

* Be conscious of when you start noticing the pain

Case 1

Do you feel pain in your back when you start bending your body forward then it disappears when you go farther forward?

In this case, the problem area causing the pain is the back of your knees.

When we bend our body over, we pull back our knees for balance to keep standing. Try not pulling your knees back, you still may not fall but you have to shift your weight onto your toes. So you won’t have pain if the back of knees are flexible enough. Try stretching your legs regularly to improve flexibility.

Also in this case, you normally won’t feel pain when sitting on a chair because the back of knees are not being used.

Case 2

You don’t feel pain until bending your back forward deeper.

In this case, the problem area is the back of your thighs.

Same idea as Case 1, but when you bend deeper, the tension in the back of knees slides higher and you are pulling your hip.